• Television networks, digital terrestrial and satellite antennas: we carry out all of the work needed to install television systems (DTT + SAT headends and distribution of television networks).
  • Closed-circuit television systems: we have closed-circuit television systems, colour and day/night cameras. We install multiplex systems, digital recorders, etc. We also offer the option of remote viewing of video-surveillance cameras using smartphone devices, tablets, PC, MAC. Discussion systems. Audiovisual and public address systems: we install voice alarm and background music speaker systems. Equipment for meeting rooms and conference rooms.
  • Alarms and access control systems: installation of time control, presence monitoring, visitor management and access control systems. Application of proximity technology, biometrics, etc.
  • Wi-Fi networks: for environments with high user densities and interaction on social networks, making it possible to boost the profile of your business.
  • Television, computer networks, fibre optic cabling: structured cable networks, multimode and monomode fibre optic cabling with fusion splices. Fibre-optic cabling certification by reflectometry. Telephone, public address and background music speaker systems, etc.
  • Installing and maintaining hand-held extinguishers: The fire extinguisher installation and maintenance service guarantees the perfect operation of the systems, as well as ensuring that the installations comply with the regulations in force. It offers secure customer support, guaranteeing full coverage.
  • Telephone switchboards: we have telephone switchboards for internal communication (internal and external calls).
  • Meeting-room equipment: projectors, screens, wireless microphone systems, etc.